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School Dinners Getting Grimmer

We’re a bit of a foodie bunch in our house, we’re very lucky to have 2 kids who will eat pretty much anything. We’ve tried our best to teach them about the importance of a good healthy diet and as a result they’ll happily eat any veg and aren’t little salad dodging monsters! Our school dinners up until now have been pretty darn good. They were getting seemingly balanc... Read More »

21 ‘Easy Ways’ To Make Extra Christmas Cash You May Not Have Thought Of

  According to recent research, each adult in the UK spends an average of £445 on Christmas gifts, and that money has to come from somewhere. However, if you don’t have much spare cash to set aside why not earn your Christmas budget instead? Here are 21 clever- and easy- ways to make extra cash that you might not have thought of. 1. Become a ‘Task Rabbit TaskRabbit is a site where people pos... Read More »

11 Money Saving ‘Life Hacks’ That Could Save You A Fortune

11 Money Saving ‘Life Hacks’ That Could Save You A Fortune

If you thought saving money involved hard work and sacrifice, think again. These amazingly clever life hacks could save you hundreds of pounds at the click of a button. Others are actually much easier than the more expensive alternative, saving you both time and a lot of money. One thing’s for sure: you really can’t afford to skip this article.   1. Buy gift cards at a discount and then use them y... Read More »

Put Your Neck on the Line

I’ve got a thing about necklines. It’s a relatively new obsession which peeked when I trained as a stylist. As a teenager I had a thing about my bottom and shopped for it over and above any other part of my body. Now, I’m too busy to worry about those parts of my anatomy I can’t see (which is why I’ll never regret my tattoo) and so my focus is on the top half – the frontage rather than the erm, ba... Read More »

How to make quick cash from the comfort of your home

How to make quick cash from the comfort of your home

With the kids back to school and the cost still burning a hole in many pockets, us parents have a short reprieve until the next onslaught of spend descends upon us. Christmas! MyFamilyClub team of writers have put together a brilliant eBook called “25 quick ways to make money from home“ – all of which can fit around your (already hectic!) lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to make a bit... Read More »

Product Review: Earth Friendly Kids Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t like bubbles, gosh, even as an adult I like nothing more than a bubbly, fragrant hot bath to transport me into ‘relaxation’ mode. My kids were in ‘bubble-beard’ heaven on holiday as we made sure we packed our Earth Friendly Kids Bubble Bath as we knew the kids would be dunked in the bath like sheep being dipped after spending their Summer days on a beach in Cornwall. I don’t usually le... Read More »

Product Review: Jason Kids Only Shampoo & Conditioner

Blessed with 2 boys with wavy hair and a daughter with a big, beautiful afro, I was raring to try this shampoo and conditioner set. Usually, trying to wash my daughters hair results in the most unbelievable comedy sketch, with me chasing her around the house, trying to coax her into the bath with smarties. She gets so upset as she absolutely hates getting shampoo water in her eyes and detests her ... Read More »

Tax-free school uniform, let’s make it happen!

Tax-free school uniform, let’s make it happen!

e-Petition: It’s that time of year where parents up and down the UK have mixed emotions about the Summer holidays being over (no more fun), the kids going back to school and households abound, finally getting back to a routine. It’s also that time where the cost of buying the school uniform, often in multiples depending on no: of kids hits you right where it hurts. Wi... Read More »

Life With Children!

Life With Children!

Okay, what a nice first topic, Life with children, lol! So, life with children… when you were a child, playing with dolls, it was simple wasn’t it? When your parent asked you what you wanted to be when you’re older, did you say ‘i want to be a mum?’… yeah me too, because when i was little, life was so simple playing with dolls! I became a Mum at the age of 17 (c... Read More »

How The Boiler Suit Became Jumped Up

My mum had a burgundy zip up jumpsuit in the 1980s. She wore it with calf length boots and a bubble perm and I thought she was the coolest thing on two legs. In those days jumpsuits were very zippy – main zip up the front (so much easier than at the side or the back when you need the loo), zips across each thigh and occasionally the odd zip on a sleeve or an ankle. Jumpsuits were also elasticated... Read More »


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