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Life With Children!

Life With Children!

Okay, what a nice first topic, Life with children, lol! So, life with children… when you were a child, playing with dolls, it was simple wasn’t it? When your parent asked you what you wanted to be when you’re older, did you say ‘i want to be a mum?’… yeah me too, because when i was little, life was so simple playing with dolls! I became a Mum at the age of 17 (c... Read More »

How The Boiler Suit Became Jumped Up

My mum had a burgundy zip up jumpsuit in the 1980s. She wore it with calf length boots and a bubble perm and I thought she was the coolest thing on two legs. In those days jumpsuits were very zippy – main zip up the front (so much easier than at the side or the back when you need the loo), zips across each thigh and occasionally the odd zip on a sleeve or an ankle. Jumpsuits were also elasticated... Read More »

The month I return to work

I am very worried I may burst into tears as I write this post. This month I go back to work. On the 26th August I shall be returning to my full time paid job. I am really dreading it. I love my job though! It is very challenging at times but I get to meet such a variety of people and travel along a difficult journey with them at times. I am going to miss my baby so much. It also makes me sad [...]... Read More »

Anyone for Coats and Boots?

Question: When does the high street start sending out promotional emails advertising their new season coats and boots? Answer: The very same week London temperatures are reportedly beating those in Ibiza. One such email has attempted to grab my attention by screaming “20% off!” Well, whose idea was that I wonder because 20% off these days is no great shakes any day of the week but when you’re tryi... Read More »

Approved Food Review

Have you heard of Approved Foods? It would not surprise me if you haven’t, however, as a company offering incredible savings on your weekly grocery shop, it’s difficult to understand why Approved Foods is not a household name.   Why Should You Pay Attention? Every year, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes; and, at a cost to us of £12.5bn a year, it’s burning a hol... Read More »

A Dress a Day…

You know those days when you go out with a list and a steely determination to get everything done no matter what? Only you don’t think to include ‘stop for coffee and cake’ to the list and once that’s wriggled its way into your schedule at no.2 (no.1 was ‘get petrol’ which doesn’t really count since if you hadn’t done that you wouldn’t have got to no.2) you’re really behind so you might as well ha... Read More »

How to Keep Your Head (And Everything Else) Above Water

Once upon a time in a town not far from here, six young ladies decided to go on holiday together. Now these six young ladies had just taken their ‘A’ levels, were soon to leave school for good and to embark upon the next exciting stage of their lives. In those heady days of summer the girls shared everything – laughs, clothes, boyfriends. The sun always seemed to be shining and the six girls were ... Read More »

All Star Mr & Mrs Q&A

All Star Mr & Mrs Q&A

In case you hadn’t realised, men and woman are pretty different. Not only do we have different interests, thought processes and driving ability, but the two sexes go through different experiences when it comes to pregnancy. In our first ever joint post, the missus and I do a pregnancy related Q&A to give our different perspectives on what it’s been like growing our little love goblin.   ... Read More »

The Wonders of Wimbledon and Why It’s OK to Lose

I am rubbish at tennis, always have been, but I do love to watch it. Last year’s incredible final with Andy Murray’s long awaited win will forever be etched on my memory – I could hardly stand to watch and was in and out of the house, half sunbathing, half keeping check on the score. History was being made. Today it feels hard to believe we will see the like again for a very long time. I don’t kn... Read More »


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