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Approved Food Review

Have you heard of Approved Foods? It would not surprise me if you haven’t, however, as a company offering incredible savings on your weekly grocery shop, it’s difficult to understand why Approved Foods is not a household name.



Why Should You Pay Attention?

Every year, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes; and, at a cost to us of £12.5bn a year, it’s burning a hole in our pockets as well as the environment. If companies like Approved Food did not exist, perfectly adequate food would be confined to landfill, and the population would miss out on these great savings.

Who are Approved Food?

Approved-FoodAs the largest online retailer of discounted short dated and residual food and drinks, Approved Foods should be the go to place for those looking to save money on their grocery shop.

If you are someone that’s nervous with the words ‘short dated’ and ‘residual’ when it comes to food – don’t fret! Founded in 2009 by a married couple who started off as market traders in Hull and Doncaster, family owned Approved Foods never sell food past its use by date. Their products are merely close to, or slightly past, their manufacturers estimated ‘best before’ date.

Surely this is all too good to be true? Nope! Approved Foods claims to save its customers a potential of over 70% on their weekly grocery shop; And it’s rapidly growing customer base, as well as its growing online social media presence, is enough to vouch for the massive savings offered by the retailer. I too am a huge fan of theirs.

Approved Food founder Dan Cluderay noted in 2012 that ‘times are tough, we’re struggling to make ends meet in the recession but we are here to help with our big shopping basket. 13,000 new customers joined us in the first quarter of this year, that’s an average of 250 new shoppers a week and there is no sign of demand shrinking’.

One of these happy customers includes Cassandra Jardine, who saved £51.06 on a 22kg package! “After hearing of such success stories, I thought I’d try out these unbelievable savings for myself. My jam packed box of food, drink and toiletries had a total recommended retail price of £62.46, yet I paid only £25.07! That’s a massive £37.39 saving! I didn’t notice a dip in quality in any of the products, and the reasonable £5.95 delivery charge is merely a drop in the ocean when you consider the price you’d be paying for the same products at a conventional supermarket.”

So how can you get access to these incredible savings? Simply visit the Approved Food website, choose from a wide selection of discounted items to add to your basket, create an account, pay online and then wait for your basket full of bargains to be delivered to your door! And with a wide variety of products on offer, from salads and Coca Cola to dog food and toothpaste, you’re sure to find more than enough items to suit your everyday needs.

As if the savings on these items was not incredible enough, they also often run a promotion where you’ll also have the option to include a ‘Lucky Box’ in your order. Customers are offered one lucky box per delivery, and for an unbelievable price of £1.00 or less, the lucky box will contain a selection of goods, including premium brands names picked from the shelves of Approved Food’s warehouse.

The Shop

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, therefore I created an account and hit the shop. There was so much to choose from, however, with such massive discounts I struggled to reach the £25 requirement to claim my lucky box!

Here was my shop:




I received a whopping £70 worth of food for as little as £25. Some of the items were are little smashed, however, everything was in date. All of the products I’ve use so far have been 100% fine and no different to those purchased in store.

The Review

OK, their website is a little clunky, but it was easy enough to navigate around and find all the products I needed and wanted. You simple add them to your basket (like most sites), review when you’re finished and buy. The payment was through PayPal and was really easy.

Delivery costs were £5, but not much more if compared to paying for supermarket delivery or driving to the store. The box turned up within a few days and everything seemed in order.

My overall experience was really good. From start to finish is was easy, and the savings I made really made a difference. I would really recommend this site.

So what’s stopping you? As well as the benefit of the potentially huge savings, you’d also be doing your bit for the environment. Food wastage is an ever growing problem in this country, and something that is important to me as an individual.


So if you want to save money, help the environment and get some great big name groceries while you’re at it, I’m offering a £50 Approved Food credit give away to start your Approved Food journey, enter the giveaway here!

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