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My tea & Arizona Beans recipe

I have decided to have a lazy day today as the weather is nice and I have some time to myself. I have already put the dinner on as its in the slow cooker and so takes time to cook. It is a recipe that was given to me by a lady in Canada many years ago but is still used frequently in our house as it is tasty and not expensive. Here is the recipe for you if you wish to [...]

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Stall open

I have just opened my stall on I have looked on the site and there are lots of other people that have lots of goodies for sale at reasonable prices too. Here is the first item I have put up to sell I hope you like it. My first item for

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Hello again

I am sorry that I have been away so long but I have been looking after my granddaughter and not able to use the main computer without her help. I have just got myself a smartphone so it will be easier to speak to you guys. Whilst I have been away I have been busy crafting and have come up with some new designs some cushions, a pram throw and a large tea cosy with a fox on the top. I [...]

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Finished cardi

Just finished a cardi/jacket for my grand daughter but unfortunately I must have miss read the sewing pattern as it has come out too small, luckily I used an old sweatshirt of my daughters so no money lost. Have another go at something else soon I will get it right with practice I hope. Started to sort out my garden now it is not so wet as we can’t afford so many vegs these days so will have...

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Well the organisers made a shed load of money for the Trussell Trust yesterday but unfortunately I only sold one Avon shower gel for £2.50 so didn’t get my money back for the table. I was told it was high class items that were to be sold and I did have a few cheap bits but most were £5 to £10 but the crowd that came in were the ones that usually go to the jumble sales and were not [...]

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Good day

Have managed to finish a hooded jacket for my grand daughter and bought some cool heart shaped buttons to go onto it. Will have to put away for a short while as it is the next size up but she will soon grow into it. Grandchild came back from toddler group with a pizza she had made today pretty cool as she is only 16 months! She ate it as well after I had cooked it for

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My first ever blog

Hi my name is Megan, this is my first ever post. I am trying to set up my own business selling mainly cushions and have my first table sale in my village on Saturday hope I get some sales but the money is going to the Trussell Trust anyway so a good cause for all the people that have little food these days because of no work or what ever. Well that is it for this time but will keep [...]

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