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School Dinners Getting Grimmer

We’re a bit of a foodie bunch in our house, we’re very lucky to have 2 kids who will eat pretty much anything. We’ve tried our best to teach them about the importance of a good healthy diet and as a result they’ll happily eat any veg and aren’t little salad dodging monsters! Our school dinners up until now have been pretty darn good. They were getting seemingly balanc...

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When Broodiness Hits!

Even after half term with the two little people fighting and arguing constantly, my desire for a third child has deepened. Does broodiness ever go away? I’m at the stage of it’s now of never, I’m only 34 but getting pregnant doesn’t seem to come easily to me so we’re thinking we really need to get a move on before it’s too late. Our eldest is 13 later this year ...

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Why Is It All Online?

I fully understand and support the use of computers in schools, but as a parent I can’t help but think it’s too much. My eldest is at secondary school now and uses the computer regularly for school work which I expected to be the case. My issue is with my 6 year old. The majority if his homework tasks are set and to be completed online. He is encouraged to blog for school, and always g...

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