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Cat in a shark costume proves that the EU Ban on high powered vacuum cleaners doesn’t have to suck!

Cat in a shark costume proves that the EU Ban on high powered vacuum cleaners doesn’t have to suck!

First things first, here’s a picture of ‘Shark Cat meeting Shark Baby’
Image source: Huffington Post

The panic buying of high-powered vacuum cleaners has now slowed but boosted sales volumes for these products with a massive 10.3% increase on last year, according to the ONS. A massive rush on the most powerful models. Hoover Hurricane, Samsung CycloneForce Sensor, Cylinder bagless Vax and Miele S5281.

With the ban effective from September 1st 2014, preventing the import or manufacture of cleaners above 1600 watts, retailers have seen a surge in sales and can continue to sell stock until it’s all gone.

So what’s changed?
Under the ban, manufacturers won’t be able to produce motors exceeding 1600 watts or export them into the UK. Come 2017 the maximum wattage will be further lowered to 900 watts. As a mother of 3 children under 10 and a very busy household, I initially groaned when I heard about the ban, so I decided to try some low wattage machines and see how they faired.

Poor Ol’ Henry & Henrietta who both have a special place in many families’ hearts will be up for the heave-ho come 2017 if the law is passed to lower the ban to 900 watts. At present, no Dyson models are affected either.

Check the labelling when purchasing a new machine
Energy rating

If you’re in the market to purchase a new vacuum, check the labelling which shows it’s energy efficiency and performance by bands from A to G.










We tested 3 low wattage hoovers and here’s the results

Gtech Air Ram K9 & Gtech Multi

I cannot sing this vacuum cleaners’ praises enough. Where on earth do I start? So light that my 7 year old son can carry it around, no lead equals no wrapping yourself in tangles or driving the wheels over the chord. Swivel motion of the base and upright stick to allow easy turns into corners. vacuum can lay completely flat so you can get under tables etc.

My 20 month old son, 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son have had numerous bust-ups over who’s going to hoover for mummy!
If I were to say I am totally besotted with this vacuum it would be an understatement. It’s made hovering up a pleasant experience rather than something I dread. Glides effortlessly over carpet to wood floors, no turning switches or clicking of buttons to change the setting according to the floor.

Charges from a mains plug, 4 hours worth of charge gives 40 minutes of vacuum which is fantastic when you’re chasing after your kids and their snowfall of crumbs. The Gtech Air Ram K9 is an upgraded model of the Gtech Air Ram and is just amazing for pet hair. As an allergy sufferer, sneezing at every opportunity this vacuum cleaner has been fantastic. Tried and tested at my mother-in-law’s who has an Irish Wolfhound.

DarkGtechMulti corners? no problem, the Gtech Multi has two lights on the front so no spider hiding in a dark crevice can escape. Four hours to fully charge and run for 30 minutes. It uses the same charger as the upright. I probably shouldn’t disclose this but I have actually used it to hoover my toddler’s trousers of biscuit crumbs, luckily he finds it hilarious and chuckles away.

It has over 12 attachments making it extremely versatile. I even use mine in the car. Any excuse to get it out and get cleaning.

Both products together at full charge gives you 70 minutes of power.

The low down:
• Cordless & lightweight
• Energy efficient
• Battery light visible
• Designed to fit under sofas, chairs, radiators and right up to the skirting boards
• Easy to empty and clean
• 5 year guarantee
• 100W power
• 3.5kgs
• Upright is designed more for daily use rather than nooks and crannies
• Traps dirt in a plastic container, the rotating brush compresses dirt.
• The filters can be cleaned by removing and running under a hot tap, same with the brush.

Rating: ***** If I could give this machine 6 stars, I would but I only have 5 to play with.

I love vacuuming video

Price: Air Ram K9 £249 and Gtech Multi £149. If you buy both together the price is £349 from – hurry! Buy it, buy it, buy it!

Zanussi AirSpeed Lite bagless cyclonic upright 1100w vacuum cleaner
Very flexible, lightweight and easy to carry around. A powerful vacuum with bag less multi-cyclone technology, really strong suction, great for the stairs, nooks and crannies as it has all the attachments.

It contains multiple cyclones that effectively regulate airflow to separate minute dust particles from the filter. Maintenance of the filter is very easy. You need to clean it once in 6-9 months. Moreover, this product comes with 180W airwatts to provide strong suction power.

This product is great for allergy sufferers. If you have asthma or allergy, you can happily use this machine to clean dust areas. It effectively removes pet allergens and dust mites. Moreover, it cleans your carpets and hard floors easily.

See this great little animated video on the product in action.

The low down

• 2 litre easy-to-empty dust cylinder
• Anti-allergy HEPA filters with hygiene filtration system
• Multi-Cyclone Technology Bag less
• Light Weight – 4.8 Kgs
• Strong suction – 180 Airwatts
• Additional tools for easy cleaning – Crevice nozzle, dusting brush and suction hose
• Cost-effective price

Rating: ****
Price: £71.99
Buy direct from Viking

Hetty the Hoover
HettyAaah, good old Hetty! Great for the kids to sit on, always wearing a happy look on her face. How could anyone not love Hetty?! She’s easy to store, rolls along on wheels, with a big capacity of 9L and in bright pink to make cleaning more cheerful all round. Great cord rewind system which is easy to use and nice and compact.

Cleans carpets nicely, only issue is trying to do the stairs. She’s of such a shape that it makes balancing her on the stairs impossible, so you have to carry her with one hand which can be a little cumbersome.



The low down

• Compact whilst offering professional 9L drum capacity.
• Reliable, long-life TwinFlo vacuum motor.
• Easy reach, 10 metre cable and rewind storage system.
• TriTex filtration system improves filtration, cleanliness and capacity.
• Convenient, on-board wand and floor-tool storage.
• Easy to change HepaFlo bags.
• A tool for every job, full accessory kit AS1 with stainless steel tube set.
• Energy efficient, A rated

Rating: ***
Price: £94.98 with FREE delivery

Cheer me up with a Hetty!

Has anyone seen my hoover?




















Image source: Ultimate Top 10’s

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