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Clothing at Tesco brings a touch of Brazil

Clothing at Tesco brings a touch of Brazil

Last November I was lucky enough to be invited to the Clothing at Tesco press day, and even though I was feeling very ill that day, actually sleeping on the train all the way to London, I knew that this was one preview event I really didn’t want to miss.

The theme was linked to the World Cup in Brazil, which will dominate Summer 2014 for at least half the population. So we got lots of bright colours, citrus, neon and primary shades that just popped and dazzled so beautifully I was instantly in love. We also got beachy vibes in ethnic print maxi dresses and skirts, playfully teamed with bikini tops and thin glitter knits, and some sandals that will be finding a place in your holiday suitcase come the summer months.

But it was not all about Brazil – despite the theme. I was enchanted by the ladylike, elegant Jackie Kennedy dresses and boxy jackets in pretty coral and pink shades. And there were plenty of accessories to help you transform your current wardrobe without spending a fortune.

This was a really lovely collection, and I also got to meet TV presenter and actress Lizzie Cundy, who just looked so beautiful, and was also really lovely too.



Zesty Lime and 1960s styling in this perfect cardigan


Jackie Kennedy/Chanel style skirt


These style jackets are amazing.


There were also great accessories in high-popping colours.


The use of neon on ladylike accessories was inspired.


Think this was my favourite dress.



This coat is totally gorgeous!


Chambrey bandeau – very 1980s Footloose.


The perfect holiday dress if you’re off to Brazil this Summer.


Pleats and monochrome – perfection!


Edgy sandals.


Aztec style sandals.


Grunge mixed with ethnic prints – a great look.


Love this – Dior style panel in the skirt.


Meeting the very lovely Lizzie Cundy – just look at that amazing coat.


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  1. Profile photo of Emily Stott

    I agree with your favourite dress, it's lovely and will look lovely on blondes! When will this stuff be hitting the stores, do you know?

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    • Some of it is going into stores this week - definitely the white pieces, The rest will start to filter in next month.

  2. Great post, thank you


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