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Coping With One of “THOSE” Days

So my day usually starts going wrong about 2am, when my 3 year old nudges me awake to announce she’s wet the bed. MY bed. That she sneaked into half an hour earlier. Oh, and look, mummy is all wet. From that moment onwards, it’s usually downhill. It’s then I start planning my coping strategy. I like to think I plan it with complete precision, much like a ninja. Yeah, I like that….ninja mum.

As things get progressively worse through the day….lost shoe….yes darling odd shoes are fine. Mouldy bread….major tears…she can’t have SCHOOL DINNERS, they might have vegetables in them! You know the drill. Anyway I let my mind drift off to the planning. It’s calming I tell you. When the time comes, I put the kids to bed. EARLY. I make myself a hot chocolate. Open a packet of biscuits. Dunk. Watch Doctor Who back to back. I have a crush on Matt Smith. I bet HE doesn’t have bad days. Then I’m a calm, happy mum. Until 2am….

So, how do you cope with a bad day? Do you have any rituals? Do You plan? Or do you just let it all out and scream and shout?

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  1. Profile photo of makemeanearthmother

    Nice post. Loving the odd shoes acceptance. Must embrace that one. I'm a uncork the wine kind of cope-er. Glug, glug, glug. Shame my tolerance level is about one glass since I had children!

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  2. Profile photo of Rebecca Morgan

    Haha! I've learned to accept the most unusual things. Otherwise I would never leave the house. Just the thought of wine and dealing with the kids AND a hangover sends shivers down my spine!

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