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How to save on your supermarket shop EVERY TIME you shop!

Every now and then, we find might ourselves overspending on our supermarket shop. This is usually caused by not budgeted correctly or doing the  necessary preparation to see those much loved savings!

Lots of people I speak to think that the best way to save on their supermarket shop is by visiting the ‘sale’ section. I have found, however, that this is not always the best method for consistent savings.

Organisation is Key

As you might know, I am an extreme couponer and my approach may be different to other supermarket savers. Nonetheless, to save on your shop, organisation is key! Once you start to recognise which methods you use that help you save the most, you can develop a system so ensure your grocery shops are frequently decreasing in price.

I have a range of techniques I use to make sure my shop is always the cheapest it can be, but this only occurs when I plan in advance. Organisation is how I make sure I’m always getting the best deals. I compare the prices of products in different supermarkets, but will also use coupons and check the reduce section.

Although it might seem that this is a lot of extra effort, I can 100% tell you that it will help you save money.

I have therefore compiled a list of my top ten tips which I believe will help you with the planning and saving for your weekly shop. Enjoy!


Be a Smart Shopper with these 10 ways to Save

1. Write a shopping list

Each week my mum and I plan our shop by deciding which meals we want to cook and which are essential items and which are luxury. I have found that having a strict list won’t tempt you to buy things that aren’t necessary.

2. Which items do you already have?

Before you go to the supermarket you should check all your cupboards to see what you already have and what you need to restock. Overbuying not only adds to the grocery bill but it also means there is less cupboard space. Items such as rice, pasta and sauces are always overbought because no one can ever remember how much they have.

3. Budget your shop

Always stick to your weekly budget! Being flexible and choosing the cheaper brand should allow you to buy your shopping for less and save money. Setting yourself a reasonable budget will mean you will only the items on your list and not anything unnecessary.

4. Always compare products!

The ongoing supermarket ‘price war’ means that supermarkets are constantly changing the prices of their products to compete with one another. Using comparison sites such as will enable you to check which store is selling the product in question for the cheapest. Once you have compared the products on your list you will know where you will save the most money on your grocery shop!

5. Coupons!

You should always check for comparison coupons on social media channels, brand websites, in-store magazines and CouponshopUK to get a list of the most recent supermarket coupons.

6. Find cheaper alternatives

Not only do you need to compare supermarkets, but you also need to compare brands. New products are always launched and put on the shelves often with an introductory price or coupon. Trying something new can often be exciting especially when it helps you save!

7. Time your shop well!

Knowing the quiet times at your local supermarket can make all the difference to a grocery shop. Often this might be a few hours before the store closes because you can make the most out of the reduced section. Or it might be during a quiet hour in the morning when you can spot all the best deals and check everything off your list.

8. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

It was mentioned to me by a member from Extreme Couponing UK and I also follow this rule. If you shop when you’re hungry you often put unwanted products in your trolley which can cause you to go over your budget.  Whether it has been proven or not, shopping on a full stomach can make all the difference to saving on your shop!

9. Keep a running total of what goes in your trolley

As you place an item in your trolley you should add the price of it to the next one. By doing this you will have a rough estimate of how much you are spending so there are no nasty surprises at the check-out. This way if one of the products in your trolley means you are over budget, you can simply take it out and put it back on the shelf.

10. Claiming Cashback

Not everyone enjoys using Cashback sites because you can only make savings once you have done your shop. However, if you want to go that extra mile and get the biggest saving you can then these sites are great!

For more supermarket saving tips, coupons and deals read my other blog posts or find him on Facebook.

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Hi, I'm Jordon Cox and I'm a 16 year old extreme couponer! I use supermarket coupons to save money and I love to share insider knowledge in hope that I can help others save too. Find me at:


  1. Hi Jordan

    Great tips here.

    One tip I like to follow is to take cash and leave the debit card at home. I draw the cash out before going shopping, making sure that I have to stick to my list and budget. I'm then extra careful as I wouldn't want to over spend and not have enough money to pay when I get to the till.


  2. Hi Jordan

    Just new to your page and I was very intrested on what you said and found your tips useful.

    I was looking at the recommended sites and went to scroll up your page and I by mistake pressed the vote down button. I am so sorry. I tried to rectify it but couldn't. I am sorry about that as I think your page is really good. Sorry again

  3. Profile photo of Jordon Cox

    No problem Kim, don't worry. And thanks for your kind words too, I'm glad you (un)liked the post ;D

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