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Lampshade Re-Cover Turotial

What you’ll need:

Fabric: Enough to cover the shade with plenty of excess. I used fabric samples that I had collected from John Lewis. I wanted a cosy yet masculine look to balance out and add texture to our white lounge. Being a big fan of patchwork this ticked all those boxes for me. However you could use a vintage sheet or any other one piece fabric that you may have lying around.


Shade: Literally any shade you have that you want to make over. Doesn’t matter how big or small. However when re-covering coloured or pattered please be aware there can be draw backs to this, patterned ones can often still be seen when the light is put on and you will have to make sure that your chosen fabric covers the colour.


Glue:  I used carpet tile spray glue. This applies easily and allows you to make mistakes without having to start over. I got a can from B&M Bargains for £3.99, other DIY stores will also stock this.

I spent the time to hand sew each panel together to make a 4 x 4 square. This allowed for plenty of over hand. If you don’t like/can’t hand sew fear not, this will literally takes seconds on the sewing machine or you could fold in the seems for each piece and simply glue down for a no sew option. Or as mentioned before just use one piece of fabric. Iron flat before setting about glueing the fabric to your shade.


Lay your shade out, at an angle onto your fabric and spray glue, starting from the shades seam, pull tight and smooth out. Continue in this vain until you reach the seam you started at. Before glueing the final bit down fold over to create a nice smooth edge then glue securely to the fabric.

Trim the excess fabric off the top and bottom, fold over and glue to the inside of the shade.

Voila! One perfectly re-covered lampshade. Stand back, admire and enjoy!


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