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Life With Children!

Life With Children!

Okay, what a nice first topic, Life with children, lol!

So, life with children… when you were a child, playing with dolls, it was simple wasn’t it? When your parent asked you what you wanted to be when you’re older, did you say ‘i want to be a mum?’… yeah me too, because when i was little, life was so simple playing with dolls! I became a Mum at the age of 17 (child having a child!!) I was a single mum for the first two an half years, it was hard but also fun at the same time, i had my baby to myself! I then met my partner & two more children. my two eldest are the hardest, five an half year gap between them, my three year old thinks he can do what my eight year old can do & he thinks he can have what she has i.e a mobile phone! Then i got my fourteen month old so, he’s into everything at the moment & he has already starting to be spiteful towards his brother & sister, everything they’re playing with, he wants, when he doesn’t get his own way, he cries & attacks them! My three year old is still going through his terrible twos, he swears, fights, throws himself on the floor, if anyone tells him off, he says “my daddy is gonna kill you!!” I have seek health visitor’s help, they’ve replied “ignore him, he’s doing it for attention, he will stop it all if you don’t give him the attention”… yeah, how is he going to learn from right to wrong?? And then there’s my eight year old hormonal & emotional girl, she’s has recently turned into a gobby, back chatting & emotional little girl, I tell her off & she gobs back & cries! 

Me as a mother, okay, I love my children unconditionally, they are my world, but i do get moments where I want to scream & shout because most days, it’s hard, stressful & depressing, i sometimes can’t cope, but i hide it because i want people to think i am coping & i am a good mother! I’m a hot headed mother, I will admit that… People know that my children are my weak spots to start an argument, i have proven that on Twitter & Facebook against other people & also my neighbours. Because of my three year old’s behavior issue at the moment, whenever something goes wrong, another child is crying & etc, he gets the  blame & then i kick off big time, i’ve always said, if an adult is nowhere to be seen & kids argue, fights & etc, you can’t just blame one child without seeing what’s happening, unfortunately that’s not the case with some people! I’m the sort of mother who will fight & argue for my children whilst they are at young age where they can’t defend themselves, but obviously if it’s a child vs child, they always makes up after, so i won’t defend my three (two at the moment!) but, if it’s adults, then boom… no one starts on my children! Okay, my children are no angels, whenever they have done something wrong, i’m the type of mother who will accept that they have done wrong! I have fallen out with so may people due to our children or they, themselves being spiteful towards my children. 

No one warned me about bringing up children is very stressing & no one has warned me that i will get into fights & fall out with people for my children… but hey, my children are worth the stress, depression & fights, so i can’t moan ay? :)

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  1. Great post, As a mum of 4 , it is very hard as well as very rewarding


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