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How to make quick cash from the comfort of your home

How to make quick cash from the comfort of your home

With the kids back to school and the cost still burning a hole in many pockets, us parents have a short reprieve until the next onslaught of spend descends upon us. Christmas!

MyFamilyClub team of writers have put together a brilliant eBook called “25 quick ways to make money from home – all of which can fit around your (already hectic!) lifestyle.

Who doesn’t want to make a bit of extra cash? we all do but the trouble is, most of us simply don’t have the time to work more than we do already. But there is a secret. You can make money from home quite easily – if you know where to look. You won’t need to learn anything new or do anything you’re uncomfortable doing – instead, you’ll find simple ways to make money from skills you already have, or from assets you have around the house

These ideas have been carefully chosen to suit busy parents like yourself who are short on time – you’ll be able to pick the ideas you like best so you can make money from home without giving up your other commitments.

Each idea tells you exactly what you need to get started, and provides links to specialist websites that will help you along every step of the way.

There are ideas here to suit everyone. The best bit? Some of these ways to make extra cash can be done sitting in front of the computer with a glass of wine, and only take a matter of minutes.

If you’ve got a bit of spare time and the desire to make some extra cash, this guide will tell you all you need to know – and all for the price of a cup of coffee

Get started with these quick ways to make money from home now

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