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The month I return to work

I am very worried I may burst into tears as I write this post.

This month I go back to work. On the 26th August I shall be returning to my full time paid job.

I am really dreading it.

I love my job though! It is very challenging at times but I get to meet such a variety of people and travel along a difficult journey with them at times.

I am going to miss my baby so much.

It also makes me sad that someone else is probably going to see all his firsts before us now.

Baby M will be going to nursery 4 days a week. We don’t have family nearby so that option is out. We looked and visited childminders but we got a really good feeling from the nursery he is going to. I think that nursery will give him the opportunity to socialise with other children and I think he will learn so much.

I still don’t want to leave him there though.

I have been thinking a lot lately about whether I could be a stay at home mum. We couldn’t afford to lose my wage as I am the bigger wage earner so I would have to be a work at home mum. With my skills though what job would that be?? I would love to be a work at home mum but I don’t know what I would do.

I have to return to work for 3 months due to my maternity pay. Maybe after those 3 months I will feel different, maybe things are worse in my head than they will be. My work have been great and agreed to my family friendly hours request which is such a relief.
How did other mums find going back to work? Are you a work at home mum? Are you a stay at home mum?

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