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Product Review: Earth Friendly Kids Bubble Bath

photo1 (1)Who doesn’t like bubbles, gosh, even as an adult I like nothing more than a bubbly, fragrant hot bath to transport me into ‘relaxation’ mode. My kids were in ‘bubble-beard’ heaven on holiday as we made sure we packed our Earth Friendly Kids Bubble Bath as we knew the kids would be dunked in the bath like sheep being dipped after spending their Summer days on a beach in Cornwall.

I don’t usually let the kids have bubble bath in every bath as I find it sometimes dries out their skin. I have been known on occasion to get the coconut oil out and lather it all over my kids from neck to toes before they get into the warm water. This seeps into the skin as the pores open with the warmth and leaves their skin soooo soft.

I think they were quite pleased they were spared the oil palava and had a nice, smelly bubble bath to play in instead, at the end of their fun-packed days and exhausting days.

What I loved:

  • Affordable
  • No parabens or SLS
  • No animal testing
  • No artificial colourings or fragrances

What I didn’t love:
My only small issue is that it is quite runny so pours out very generously, a squeezy lid may be better.

7 x evening baths plus 2 extra ones in as Charles (the baby) had a couple of explosions! Really pleased to say my kids skin didn’t dry out at all. They had great fun in the bubbles, it foamed up nicely unlike some other products which don’t produce very much leaving kids disappointed. Phoebe commented on how nice it smelt. Lavender is a great scent to use before bedtime, sleepy kids is what I was aiming for.

Thumbs up or thumbs down?
Thumbs up

Website link:
Earth Friendly Kids Bubble Bath £3.99 for 250ml

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The Big Green SmileConclusion:
Happily purchasing this now as a regular product in our bathroom. Love the fact that it’s from an ethical company and not tested on animals and love that it’s gentle and smells really great.

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