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School Dinners Getting Grimmer

We’re a bit of a foodie bunch in our house, we’re very lucky to have 2 kids who will eat pretty much anything. We’ve tried our best to teach them about the importance of a good healthy diet and as a result they’ll happily eat any veg and aren’t little salad dodging monsters!

Our school dinners up until now have been pretty darn good. They were getting seemingly balanced meals with little / no fried or junk foods except for on Fridays when the would have burger or pizza etc but always followed by fruit (fruity fridays as they like to call it).

I was all for the introduction of universal free school meals for all pupils in reception, year 1 and year 2, even though we wouldn’t personally benefit from it. That was until it actually happened. The school meals that are now provided seem to have gone down hill dramatically. Not only this but my son is often coming home from school hungry. He now is given fried food on almost a daily basis. I’m really annoyed.

My understanding is that the school receives funding for the extra meals that they will undoubtedly have to prepare as so many parents will take up the school meals now that they’re free. So I presume that it isn’t a case of cutting back on spending that has brought with it poorer quality lunches.

Can the schools meal service actually cope with the extra work load that this has brought. Is it simply a lack of staff and facilities that have caused this?

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