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Season’s greetings, sales and sprouts!

Season’s greetings, sales and sprouts!

As a kid I used to love Christmas but then, as soon as my bubble was burst that Santa wasn’t real I went through a funny phase (particularly through my twenties!) of being a little deflated, feeling overwhelmed by the constant messages to spend money I didn’t have on presents.

But after I had kids, the magic of Christmas returned. I have been busy getting the house decorated, Christmas shopping and basking in the excitement of my children opening their Advent calendar each morning. Not forgetting the colder weather, darker nights and sparkly Christmas lights.


Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is a big deal in our family as I am sure it is for most households up and down the country. We go to my mother-in-law’s and all the family gather together, even the Irish Wolfhound Noodles gets a look in by snatching food off the table the minute one of us isn’t looking. Last year she swiped a whole block of cheese off the table, greedy guts!

Just the other day I was telling my MIL all about using leftover brussel sprouts. After a fierce debate on how they should be cooked, she suggested bubble & squeak, whilst my recipe was sautéed brussels (cut in half) with bacon and onions (yum yum!)

If you’re stuck for ideas for using your Christmas dinner leftovers, we have a great selection of recipes here… life doesn’t have to be all about turkey. Gobble Gobble.

Bag a sales bargain

So once the joy of Christmas day is over, hoards of people will take to the Boxing Day sales to bag a bargain. I have been a few times and tend to buy clothes for the children for next winter (a size bigger). Or sometimes I buy massively discounted Christmas decorations and wrapping paper for next year and the odd Christmas present.

I used to be a “last minute Christmas shopper” but with three children to contend with, I have been forced to become far more organised.

Make sure you know your consumer rights just in case that bright green pair of jeans you bought doesn’t look quite as good on you once you get back home.

Thinking of those less fortunate

We are very fortunate to have a large extended family who all get on well, so we’re never without support in some shape or form.

But there are many families out there that are facing really challenging times this Christmas. Their only option for a Christmas meal and food over the festive break will be from a food bank such as the Trussell Trust.

Every year I send a dear friend who is in his sixties and isn’t working, a grocery shop of around £25 to see him through the Christmas week. This is our way of taking a little bit of pressure off for him and it’s also a better present from us than something he may not use or even like.

Checking in on an elderly neighbour and sharing what you have with those that are less fortunate is what Christmas, and life, is all about.

So, to this end I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! I’m sure you’ve all been very good this year and Santa will be squeezing his big fat tummy down your chimney or using his “Santa Key” to get in.

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