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Skint Dad’s Six Sneaky Money Saving Tips


Money saving can come in many shapes and sizes. From switching banks to an account that pays a better interest rate, to timing yourself in the shower so not to overspend on those heating and water bills, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to save some cash.

What I am going to share with you today are not only some of my favourite money saving tips but my favourite sneaky money saving tips. These tips are so sneaky that I would be very surprised if your family even know what you’re doing.

1) Sneaky Fashion

First up is a sneaky money saving fashion tip. I have three daughters and they adore nice clothes but I can’t afford to go into town every week spending a small fortune on them. Instead I go to charity shops and look for second hand clothes. Just the other day I picked up a Marks and Spencer’s girls top for £3 that looked very similar to a top my 14 year old daughter wanted from New Look. Once the label was cut out, she was none the wiser.

2) Sneaky Smoothies

The children love smoothies and always think it’s a treat when they have one. What they don’t know is that I sneakily use the fruit that has gone a little off and cannot be eaten as normal. The children don’t notice a thing and I’ve sneakily saved some money in the process.

3) Sneaky Shopping

Throughout the year I take advantage of the sales on the high street. I regularly pick up bargain products that I save and use for future Christmas or birthday presents. It really is amazing how much you can save by doing this and nobody batters an eyelid.

4) Sneaky Savings

Whenever I pop to my local supermarket I get inundated with money saving vouchers such as £5 off your next £20 shop. Being a sneaky money saver, when I go and do my large monthly shop I take these vouchers and visit the store multiple times within the same day. I spend £20, get £5 and then go back and do the same. Massive money savings to be had doing this!

5) Sneaky Cuppa 

I love a good cup of tea and being a work from home dad I find myself making numerous cups in the day. To save some money on our electricity bills, instead of boiling the kettle multiple times, I instead make a flask of tea in the morning. This is not only a good way to save energy costs but it saves me time as well.

6) Sneaky Nights Out 

As much as I like to save money I’m not one of those people who sits at home every night with unscrewed light bulbs and doesn’t watch the telly. No, I like to have a good time and I also like to go out. My sneaky money saving tip for this is to apply for free tickets for TV shows (on sites such as where I’ve been able to attend the live filming of Sports Relief and The Cube to name a couple.

So there you have it. Six sneaky money saving tips that will save you plenty of dosh and no one will be none the wiser. If you have any sneaky tips why don’t you carry on the conversation below and leave a comment. I would love to hear about the ways you sneakily save the cash.

If you want more money saving tips from saving on your shopping, to getting free tickets to the filming of your favourite shows, then please come and check out my blog at

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