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I survived a 9 day body overhaul with Forever Living – Day 6-9

>> Continued from Day 1 -5

Day 6
Whatever caught me off guard yesterday had vanished. I spent the day bouncing around and getting back into the groove of things. The Aloe Vera Gel still tastes a bit bitter and harsh, but it has become part of the daily routine and feeling the benefits makes it easier to handle.

Sundays’ are usually really busy with the kids, so I kind of expected to feel quite washed out but I don’t. In fact,  the shakes and eating plan is working really well with my lifestyle. The shakes are quick, easy to make and delicious; plus, I can take one with me wherever I go.

The husband and kids had a roast with all the trimmings and I cooked some quinoa to have with roasted vegetables, crumbled feta and a squeeze of lemon juice for flavour. Perfecto!

Day 7

I felt so good that I was determined to go to Zumba in the evening. I split my 600 calorie evening meal into a lunch and dinner meal of 300 calories each. Lunch was something very simple—Dr. Karg’s crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon and a shake. Dinner was grilled chicken with leftover quinoa and roasted veggies.

Splitting the 600 calories across lunch and dinner didn’t work for me as I felt far too full. It’s truly amazing what you can learn about your body—its likes, dislikes, thoughts and feelings—once you actually give it a rest from so many toxic substances and also from overeating and eating the wrong things. Feeling this great is quite addictive and I was beginning to feel sad thinking about it being over after day nine. I almost felt nervous about going back into the world without the routine, just in case I slipped back into my old habits.

Zumba was amazing. I had so much energy to use up. I could even notice the difference in the way my gym clothes fit.

Day 8
Today was quite unusual as I only managed one shake in the morning and then just couldn’t face anything to eat for the rest of the day, not even snacks. I skipped the lunchtime shake and focussed on having a really nutritious dinner.

I feel pretty achy from last night’s Zumba class. I have a whiplash injury I received a few weeks ago, but my  mind, body and spirit still feel refreshed. With my holiday only a few days away, I am literally bouncing off the walls with joy at sticking to the detox plan and treating my body with the respect it deserves. It feels wonderful to be sticking to something that was at first very unpleasant.

Dinner was amazing: tuna steak on a bed of sweet potato wasabi mash on a bed of salad leaves with a balsamic dressing. Once you cut out extra salt and get your body back into balance, it’s amazing how much your taste buds spring back into action.

Day 9
My last day. I made it. Whoopee! I am so, so happy but also have mixed feelings. I am determined to try and keep some of the good habits I have adopted over the last nine days.

I am relaxing a little bit on holiday, but with the full appreciation of all the hard work undertaken over the last week or so. I am determined to stay on this cleansing and weight loss path. I signed up to continue on the FIT 1 plan, which lasts 30 days.

Today I switched things around a bit again to see how it would affect the way I feel. I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel for breakfast about 30 minutes after taking the supplements and Aloe Vera Gel and the shake.

I had a shake for lunch. I felt so full again in the evening that I didn’t have any dinner, which in retrospect is pretty silly as the whole point of the course is to follow the pattern exactly. Despite not having any dinner, I still felt great.

Total Weight loss: 7lbs


What a fantastic product and way of life! I can’t recommend this enough. It is great for any mums out there that are not feeling 100% and who, like me, just can’t find the time to plan to make the necessary changes.

Andrea and Carl Pearson have made a massive impact on my life for the better, and I can’t thank them enough. Please, if you are even remotely thinking about cleansing and changing your way of life (and having some weight drop off in the process), then give them a call or send them an email.

I can’t believe how bogged down I was before. I almost feel sad that I didn’t do it before as I have spent the last seven years feeling awful and negative about my weight gain. This affected my confidence and how I presented myself to the world.

For more information on Forever Living Clean 9 Programme, contact Carl and Andrea Pearson: 07590 663 055 and email: [email protected]

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