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Anyone for Coats and Boots?

Question: When does the high street start sending out promotional emails advertising their new season coats and boots? Answer: The very same week London temperatures are reportedly beating those in Ibiza. One such email has attempted to grab my attention by screaming “20% off!” Well, whose idea was that I wonder because 20% off these days is no great shakes any day of the week but when you’re tryi...

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Now is the Summer of Our Discounted Trends

The good news apparently is that sales of football shirts and sporting goods rose so much last month that the high street almost looked like it had a good month. If you’re not the sort of person who longs for wall to wall football on their television after a hard day at work, then this fact will be both bizarre and irrelevant to you. I however have contributed to this in my own small way as ...

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Spend it Like Beckham: Posh with a hint of Spice

  I am reading Fashion Babylon at the moment. It is a compulsive read largely because it is packed with industry gossip. No-one worth their Manolos is spared in this story of a London designer trying to hit the big time. From Kate Moss to Anna Wintour, the secrets as revealed to author Imogen Edwards-Jones by various ‘anonymous’ insiders, are occasionally seedy, always fascinating...

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My (Not Quite) Definitive Top Ten Dressing Tips

I like a top ten list, me. Whether it be the best places to visit in a foreign city, must-see films or the most fabulous mascaras, I’m not fussy. You may also have noticed that I’m quite fond of compiling them too. Well, far easier to write the tips than follow them. Getting dressed successfully and having the perfect wardrobe is hard and it is a work in progress. Especially if like me, you live i...

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When is a Holdall not a Holdall?

I’m not complaining, really I’m not. The initial excitement at the suggestion of a mini break for two, sans kids, is still very much there now it’s all booked and we’re about to go. From the outset it had all the right ingredients for a romantic getaway; private villa with pool, dates during term time, cheap short haul flights. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been away as part of a couple an...

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Accessorise All Areas

Accessorising. It’s a tough one, and something that tends to get relegated to ‘afterthought’ status even on the most important of occasions. The trouble is there are very few parts of the body remaining unadorned these days. Once upon a time a clutch, pill-box hat and a pair of white gloves were all you needed to be presentable as long as they all matched your shoes. Now jewellery is all ‘statemen...

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