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Under the Counter and Above the Shop

There were two things that caught my attention in Tuesday night’s opening episode of the new three part documentary ‘Shopgirls’ shown on BBC2. Firstly, the description by London society hostess and journalist Lady Mary Jeune of the shopping experience in the 1800s as being “a solemn and dreary affair”. Secondly, that in 1851 there were 2.5 million unmarried self-supporting women in Great Britain. ...

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Four Wardrobes and a Legacy

It goes without saying I am a huge fan of Sex and the City. It is ten years since the last episode of the final series was aired and it is still as much a part of the TV listings as it ever was, if not more so. Who hasn’t had their channel surfing interrupted by being unable to resist yet another of their favourite episodes when in fact they have the box set and can watch it anytime? So strong [....

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