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The 120-cake, Bucks Bake Off Challenge

UntitledI had never seen so many cakes! 120 to be precise and one mammoth task for us judges, some with empty bellies ready to pounce and other still full from lunch. That’ll be me then!

Saturday 21st saw the Bucks Bake Off competition in aid of Sport Relief, run by the wonderful Beverley Glock Cookery School at the Potting Shed in Askett.

When I was asked to be a judge, I leapt at the chance, all those yummy cakes, cupcakes and biscuits made by adults, teens and children. I got the under 7’s and the 8-11 category and some of the entries were fantastic. What tickled me the most was that one of the cakes that looked unapetising, actually tasted so good that I snuck back for a second piece. A delish Victoria Sponge it was!

The day kicked off at 3.30pm with all the entrants setting up and by 4.30pm we were in full ‘judging’ swing. Knives and napkins at the ready and I must say that looking at 120 items laid out in a marquee was so overwhelming to the eye that we just didn’t know where to start. The judging process took around 1.5 hours and was a great experience as we marked on presentation, taste, creativity and texture, so lots of things to take into consideration.

UntitledBy 5.30pm crowds had gathered outside the tent, eagerly awaiting the judge’s decision and we had many a child with their face firmly pressed against the plastic windows, almost licking them with rumbling tummies to boot. A few judges almost passed out from the sugar rush and the air was filled with ‘I can’t eat any more’ but we soldiered on until to the 120th sample and silently punched the air when we’d finished.

At 6pm, Mike Bushell, the BBC sports presenter took the stage and then the floodgates opened. The marquee was packed to the limit with contestants as the announcements were made. Beverley did an amazing job with making sure the winners were really spoilt and the runners up didn’t go home empty handed. It really was a truly fun day and the overall winner, who was 70 years old was an absolute picture when she won, her smile was pure joy at winning something for the first time at the age of 70, it was brilliant.

Beverley pulled off a fantastic event, for a great cause and I have no doubt next years’ will be even bigger. Not sure my stomach can cope with it, even if my greedy eyes can!

Beverley_portraitIf you are interested in cookery classes for children or adults then check out Beverley’s website for more information. I must say, I am rather tempted by the Thai cooking lessons but will have to wait until September as I’ve sworn of Asian food for 6 months after spending a week in Malaysia recently and eating nothing but Asian food.

To download the APP click here, it’s chocked full of fantastic and fun recipes

Interested in learning how to make street food? then check out the new lunch club just launched:

Plus the ‘Real Cooking’ classes, budget, no frills cookery classes

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