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What does Easter mean to you?

Growing up, I always loved Easter as much as Christmas..the build up, the sunshine, yellow fields and lambs running around, the family visiting, the all important promise of chocolate. I still love it now and having children, it makes it even more fun. Making Easter bonnets, days out to farm parks and long walks before a lovely roast dinner. The holidays from school mean we can just be ourselves and relax.

I recently moved to the country and at first it felt daunting, but I soon got in to the swing of things round here. Everyone is friendly, everyone has time to stop and chat. You get to know the whole town before long and we look out for each other. It’s lovely for children and much to my joy there is a bakery shop less than five minutes from my door. It sells everything you need to create the perfect cake.

The best way to relax for me, is to bake. I love choosing what to make next, plus there’s the inevitable delicious art of licking of the bowl afterwards (the children, not me – honest) It’s just so cosy. I decided this year to make an Easter chocolate cake and decorate it with little eggs. This is the first chocolate cake I’ve ever made and I was pretty impressed!



Next on the list is the timeless classic, the chocolate cereal cakes. I’m planning on using shredded wheat instead of the normal cornflakes or rice crispies. This should make a good ‘nest’. Inside I’ll be putting little chicks (the fake ones, don’t worry) and chocolate eggs. YUM!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter!

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    What a lovely cake..nicer than the hamper? Let us know and well done to Claire!

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