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When Broodiness Hits!

Even after half term with the two little people fighting and arguing constantly, my desire for a third child has deepened. Does broodiness ever go away?

I’m at the stage of it’s now of never, I’m only 34 but getting pregnant doesn’t seem to come easily to me so we’re thinking we really need to get a move on before it’s too late.

Our eldest is 13 later this year and to be honest the thought of her (possible) upcoming teenage tantrums fills me with dread more than going through the sleepless nights and terrible twos all over again.

I wrote a poem about it over on my blog called ‘There Could Be Trouble Ahead‘ to show how I’m feeling about it. It’s a bit daft but does tell a story. I’ll just share with you the first part here and you can go read the rest if you so desire

I’m getting that felling again I afraid,

Though I’m sick of being the cook & the maid.

I can’t shake the feeling we’re missing one more,

In fact if we’re going for three why not try for four?


It actually gets better as it progresses and is the first time my bloke has commented on my writing to me as he enjoyed it :)

Hope you like it too.

Anybody else feel like they’ll be eternally broody?

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    I am 42, have one son and a boyfriend who has a daughter. We both want more children but although we've known each other our whole adult life, we've only been together for 18 months. Oh and his messy divorce is still ongoing after three years. Timing is an clearly an issue! And I know I'm running out of time, if indeed there is still time left. So yes, the broodiness is not going away and as one of three myself I know I will struggle with the idea of just having the one child.

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    • Profile photo of Fee (NotJustAnotherMum)

      I always picture myself with lots of kids, sometimes feel as if I'm being ungrateful for the two I have by wanting more. There's nothing quite like Mummy guilt!

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