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Win a Hotel Chocolat Bumper Easter Chocolate Box!

Win a Hotel Chocolat Bumper Easter Chocolate Box!

You’re probably familiar with MyFamilyClub’s competitions page, but for this yummy competition, we want you to have a bit of fun!

You could win an exciting Easter collection of 80 assorted dark chocolate chicks, delicious milk chocolate bunnies and salted caramel egglets that will be sent straight to your house.

For your chance to win this choc-tastic prize, you just need to write a blog post about Easter to go on our Bloggers Network.

  • Your blog post should talk about Easter. Here are some ideas: Easter recipes, Easter days out, tips and tricks for creating Easter arts & crafts, your plans for this Easter, why do you deserve the Easter Chocolate Box… anything!
  • It must include a picture
  • It needs to contain a minimum of 250 words
  • Click here to start writing your first blog post. (There’s a simple ‘how to’ guide if you need any help).

If your blog post meets all the conditions, it will go live in one working day and you’ll be automatically entered in the competition!

This competition has now closed. Thank you for all your lovely blog posts about Easter! They all were very popular and we loved reading them.

The lucky winner of a Hotel Chocolate Bumper Easter Chocolate Box is the author of “What does Easter mean to you?“, Claire Sen. Congratulations! We will send you an email with more details.





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  1. So glad we can now get the easter eggs that you break open to get the sweets that are inside. That was the best part even though you knew what was inside you still got a thrill to break it open and see them fall out. I have longed for these to return now I can see the excitement on my granchildrens faces when they break thier egg. I may even buy myself one this easter just for the thrill. And what has happened to the good old easter animated film we used to watch at easter time nowadays films are just not the same bring back good watching such as Cinderella they don't make childrens films like that anymore. I thnk I am sounding like my grandparents when they used to say the old days were the best now I would agree.

  2. Just enough of a treat, to enjoy on Easter Sunday. Plenty to last over the holidays, and a sweet filling of tasty sweets, enough for a treat while watching a film or playing outside. This box of sweet goodies is just right top have.

  3. I can not wait to put my Easter decorations up" love yellow and Easter Time, Every thing comes into blown, kids go mad hunting for eggs and treats i try to make Easter as fun as possible for everyone :) Happy Easter everyone!

    • Profile photo of Anna

      Happy Easter Sharon! It's great to see the kids having fun isn't it. We'd love to see some pics of your Easter decorations, why don't you take some pictures and upload them into a blog post so we can all see them?

  4. oh so nice.........

  5. Lovely Prize:-)

  6. great prize enough for all the family

  7. Can't wait to get this prize.

  8. Profile photo of Anna

    Hi guys, here at MyfamilyClub we're glad you like this yummy prize! Remember you need to write a blog post for your chance to win. Happy writing!


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