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Worried about digital burnout in your children? OnTheMovies has it in hand…

Worried about digital burnout in your children? OnTheMovies has it in hand…

At some point in time, your child if they haven’t already got one will be pestering you for their own tablet or worse, snatching away and throwing tantrums at every opportunity to get yours out of your hands. Unfortunately, playing outdoors and living in a tech-free environment is a thing of the past and as I have found, tech has become integrated into my children’t lives whether I like it or not. From school, to friend and families houses and back into our own. Tech is everywhere.

Digital burnout is a very real and growing issue, I see this a lot in parents who can’t switch off, can’t get a decent nights sleep and who are dumbing down their senses and their enjoyment levels to anything non-smartphone or tablet related. It’s sad to watch but there are things you can do. Recognising the signs is the first step.

For me, my main concern is my children, knowing what I know I am highly primed to spot the signs of digital burnout in my children and the strategies I can put in place to ensure I have peace of mind and my children get to enjoy the many benefits technology can offer.

Many busy parents use media devices to keep their children occupied whilst they get stuff done, I hold my hands up to this as three children under 8 can be quite a handful at the best of times but I have found that it’s travelling where I get most stressed. If you’re anything like me, keeping the kids entertained whilst travelling can be an absolute nightmare, especially when they squabble in the back, causing major distractions, it’s actually really dangerous, as how can you concentrate on driving when you have arguing kids in the back.

I was over the moon to try out the new ‘On the Movies’ kids’ backpack range, which has been designed to keep the little terrors happy and entertained whilst on the move.

On The Movies Tablet & Backpack

The bags, which each have a cute animal theme (choose from Pretty Kitty, Bouncy Tiger, Cheeky Monkey, and Lucky Ladybird) are designed to protect and store a 7in touch screen tablet, which slips into a transparent pocket on the front giving visibility through the pocket. Absolutely perfect for avoiding spillages and mucky podgy fingers, I chose the Pretty Kitty in pink for my 5 year old as she’s pink, purple and sparkly mad.

Addicted to the concept of it (her bag) already and hoarding it like a dog with a bone, over the shoulder it goes and she’s off to play games, watch films, listen to music (her latest being Bang Bang by Nicki Minaj, not sure I totally approve) And she just loves watching her movies like a big girl. She feels so grown up, I can just tell. We have a nice little schedule in place for her media usage, so she knows when, under what circumstances and how long she has to use it. A little bit of resistance but if you stay firm, this dissipates rapidly and they come to look forward to their ‘media time’.

The bag is well designed and the product is so well thought out, fantastic design and innovation as it appeals to both kids and adults with a mutual understanding and appreciation of what the technology can be used for. It makes it obvious to me and Phoebe at the very least that it is used more for entertainment purposes when we are out and about than as a tool for her to sit, open mouthed at home like a zombie for hours on end.

It takes earplugs without removing the tablet from the bag, so it’s not finicky….um…wow! Double wow and thumbs up as you don’t get driven insane by the kids’ songs or theme tunes. There’s only so much Ruby & Max or Mr Tumble I can stand.

Excellent, excellent value for money, bag on its own with no tablet is a steal at £24.95 or with the On The Movies tablet included it’s £89.95. It may look a lot on paper but when you think about the versatility of the product, it’s worth every single penny.

Comes with 8GB of storage, so is great for loading it up with enough things to keep even the most impatient and fickle child entertained. If your child is anything like mine and takes constant selfies, then this is perfect as has a lot of storage space. You can add another 32GB max in needed. Also has a great display resolution of 1024 x 800.

No more arguing with the ‘child boss’ of the house as I can lock-off the internet if necessary, perfect for parents who worry about internet consumption or exposure.

The tablet can be connected to other computers or the TV via USB and HDMI ports and with 4 hours of play time before re-charge, it’s perfect for car, train or plane journeys or just you know, in the trolley around the supermarket! No more tantrums or mysterious items appearing in your trolley at checkout.

Great as a bargaining tool too! If you don’t so and so, you won’t get to watch your tablet in a special bag in the car. Worked a treat for me many times over.

The 4 things you can do to keep things under control

  • Set a timer
    Probably the easiest way to limit screen time, I would say set one on your smartphone but a physical timer would be better, so you don’t get any back talk about using technology to limit technology…aaaah! Aren’t kids smart these days?! Simple strategy, when the timer goes off, so does the screen.
  • Schedule media usage into their day
    Weaving this into their daily schedule or ‘just at weekends’ is a very effective way to monitor and set clear boundaries for tech usage. Keep in mind thought to ensure their devices aren’t use one hour before bedtime as it can affect their sleep.
  • Use apps to shut devices down
    Parental guidance apps are available to lock off the internet
  • Remember YOU control the device, not the child
    Letting your children keep their device in their room? er no way Jose, not in my household! Sneaking in extra screen time is NOT on my agenda. Kids learn their behaviours from their parents so setting a good example and limiting your own screen time.

Product rating: ****
Where can I buy it? Direct from
How much does it cost? Back pack only is £24.95 and back pack with tablet is £89.95






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  1. How cute is this! I want of these. Of course you couldn't let your kid out of your site with it or it would immediately disappear, but I guess most people understand that. You make some very good points here too. I like that you emphasize the adult be in charge rather than the child. So many parents just don't get the fact that they can say no to their children, and this scares me. Also, setting a time limit makes the "on" time that more enjoyable. If your daughter were allowed to sit and play games on her tablet until she tired of it, she soon would. Great post.

  2. I totally agree with you about people getting sucked into their tech devices. I recognize the tendency in myself, and have to be careful. I make my living on a computer. I was also paying my bills that way, reading online news, downloading books and movies etc, until one day I realized that most of my life was spent staring at some screen or the other. I said "enough". Of course I still have to use the computer for work . . . but now I make time to go for walks, I check out real books from the library and have re subscribed to the newspaper. I have conversations with my children and feel good about setting a better example for them. Limiting the time they use the internet is now a priority to me.

  3. Wow could I have used this about twenty years ago. I had four children under the age of 8, and while our family lived in Utah, cousins and Grandparents lived in Oregon. I can't even guess how many hours we spent on the road travelling from one state to the other. These backpacks would have changed my life. Well thank goodness they're available for today's Moms. Aside from the obvious feature of having all the tablet entertainment options available, I love that there's storage for color books, games and other stay busy in the car type supplies. This is a great idea. Wish I'd invented it (20 years ago). This would make a great gift for my daughter's in law!

  4. What I like about this idea is the barrier between the tablet screen and the grubby little fingers. Sorry, I know that kids are kids and that the screens are washable, but it makes me cringe to see a jelly smeared screen, especially when it belongs to me. I love my kids and this idea makes me love them even more.

  5. I think these bags are adorable. What a fun Christmas or birthday gift. I like this article because you stress some very important things. Number one is the emphasis on scheduling your children's on line time. This is a good thing to do for many reasons. Number 1, it gets them away from their electronics which I believe are very addictive. Children need to get out and play, and while that seems to be going out of style, it shouldn't be allowed to. Number two, when you set limits on computer time it sends a message that while electronics are useful and entertaining, they are only part of our lives. Children need to know that too much of any good thing isn't healthy. That said, a little video time is a great thing, especially on long car trips!

  6. Glad to hear about the earphones. I love devices like this in the car, but after a hundred miles or so of listening to Raffi CDs or the Diary of a wimpy kid, I'm done. I like that these are so cute too, which makes them a great gift idea. So far my kids don't spend too much time on line, though I'm sure the day will come. You make some really good suggestions on how to manage the devices so they don't ever have to become a problem. Thanks for a good read.

  7. Our kids are so tech savvy these days that I can hardly keep up with my grand kids computer skills. They insisted I learn how to text just so they could send me messages. In return, when they come to my house I insist they play board games and go for walks with their old Grandpop. I think it's great that they are going to be prepared for the new high tech society, but I also hate to have them miss out on low tech world of nature and make believe. I think there is a happy medium, which you discussed so nicely in your post.

  8. Profile photo of Rebecca Pink

    This looks great and I love your advice about using an oldskool timer instead of the one on your phone - I have a spare one in my cupboard so will be trying this out! x

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